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Placing money in a jar labelled wedding on top of a wedding album

Planning a Wedding for Under $2000?This is a page about planning a wedding for under $2000. Some couples can plan their entire wedding for less then some brides spend on their dress.


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Floor Covering Ideas for a Barn Wedding Reception?Our son and his bride-to-be are having their reception in a barn. What could we put on the ground under the tables? I know we can rent a dance floor but flooring for the whole barn is too much? Thanks.


White cake with a "love" topper, twinkling light backdrop.

Wedding Reception in a Church's GymKeeping the decorating costs down and creating an elegant setting can be a challenge in a gymnasium. This is a page about wedding reception in a church's gym.


Bride and Groom porcelin decoration next to hundred dollar bills

Planning a Wedding for Under $3000This is a page about planning a wedding for under $3000. With careful planning a couple can have a lovely wedding on a tight budget.


Bride and groom running from the church

Ideas of What to Throw at a WeddingWhen the bride and groom are leaving the wedding ceremony it is customary to throw something in celebration as they run out. Rice, confetti and birdseed are common.


Girl dressed for a luau.

Luau Wedding Rehearsal Ideas?This page is about luau wedding rehearsal ideas. A Hawaiian theme gives you wonderful tropical floral decorating and refreshment ideas.


Creative glass flower vase Wedding Decorations hanging in the forest

Creative Wedding DecorationsYour wedding is a special day that should reflect the personality of you and your significant other. Get creative with your wedding decorations to personalize your wedding and reception.


Jar with coins labelled Wedding

Planning a Wedding for Under $500This is a page about planning a wedding for under $500. A very small wedding budget does not necessarily mean you can't have a lovely event.


Two men at their commitment ceremony

Planning a Commitment CeremonyThis is a page about planning a commitment ceremony. Planning a commitment ceremony requires just as much planning as a traditional marriage. There are however, some areas where you can create your own new traditions.


A wedding budget list on a clipboard.

The Best Ways To Cut Your Wedding BudgetMany brides and grooms get a wedding quote with everything they desire, but it's over budget. 


A woman researching online purchases for her wedding.

Bookmark Online Wedding PurchasesIf you are making online purchases for an upcoming wedding, be sure to check periodically for sales and discounts. It's a great way to save even more on the big day.



A groom with his mother at the wedding.

Mother-of-the-Groom Outfit Ideas?As the mother of the groom you may be asked to wear a certain color. Otherwise check with the bride's mother and the bride for colors being worn by the rest of the wedding party. Then choose a dress in a color that complements but does not match. The style can be chosen using the same criteria.


A bouquet of spring tulips.

Planning A Spring Wedding?Seasonal wedding plans often include choosing colors and flowers that fit the time of year. Spring provides a wide range of fresh flower choices. This page contains several suggestions for planning your spring wedding.


A bouquet of early spring flowers.

Colors for a March WeddingMany brides choose their wedding colors based on the season. This is a very traditional approach; use it if it works for you. March leads into spring bringing to mind bright or pastel floral colors. However, choosing your favorite colors is always an option.


Wedding Cake Topper

My Frugal WeddingWhen my boyfriend and I decided to get married on our one year anniversary of dating, we didn't give ourselves a lot of time for planning or saving, just a few months. However, we still managed to have a beautiful and very frugal wedding with help from all our friends and family.


An outdoor wedding

Do Not Do It All YourselfMake your decorations, make your dress and bouquet, make whatever you want yourself, but, have other people set up, hang up, do the actual decorating on your big day! Have multiple, multiple people for every task that needs to be done and DO NOT let people use this time to make things up to you!'You could end up without a cake, like me.


A projector screen for showing a slideshow.

Creating a Wedding SlideshowA wedding slide show can be used for a presentation at the wedding reception or even used for the wedding rehearsal. It helps the guests share the couple's special relationship.


A bride with her bouquet.

Stress Reducing Tips For A Do-It-Yourself WeddingPlanning a wedding can be absolutely stressy. There are a lot of suggestions on this page for planning a do-it-yourself wedding, from making the bridesmaid dresses, to money saving tips for all aspects of the ceremony and reception.


A wedding reception with tablecloths.

Saving Money on Wedding Table CoveringsWeddings can be so expensive; anywhere where you can save money is a good thing as long as the result is still in keeping with the occasion. Save on table coverings by buying plastic table cloths at a dollar store, consider using flat bed sheets or yardage. The fabric can be used later in crafts or decor projects.


A couple talking about financial information with a professional.

Financial Planning Before Getting MarriedBeing in love can sometimes blind a couple to the importance of knowing your partner's financial position and spending habits. Making a financial plan will help get you off to a good start.


A calendar with the chosen wedding date circled.

Choosing a Wedding DateDepending on where and when to plan to get married, you can save money by choosing an off-season event. Off-season wedding months may vary depending on your location and venue.


A beautiful cake at an beach wedding.

Saving on Destination WeddingsCombining your honeymoon with your wedding ceremony can be a wonderful way to celebrate with your friends and family. However, travel costs can add up to a hefty price tag, making this option expensive without planning. This page contains advice about saving money on a destination wedding.


A table of catered wedding food.

Saving Money on Wedding ServicesA classic wedding often has expenses for catered food, flowers, photography, formal wear, and many other services. This page contains tips about saving money on wedding services.


Simple flowers in jars for a wedding.

Keeping Your Wedding SimpleWeddings can become very elaborate and expensive, missing the point of celebrating the start of a new life together. This page contains ideas about keeping your wedding simple.


A pair of golden wedding bands on top of a spread out hundred dollar bills.

Planning a Wedding on a BudgetWeddings take a lot of planning and tend to come with a big price tag for the new couple. Discuss what you and your future spouse consider to be essential to a "perfect" wedding and start from there. This page contains advice for planning a wedding on a budget.


A planning list for a wedding.

Budgeting for a Frugal WeddingWeddings can be so expensive, especially if you pay attention to the bridal shows and magazines with their spendy and trendy new ways to celebrate. Together, you can decide what is most important and what feels like a waste of money. This page has advice when budgeting for a frugal wedding.



Plants with names attached as wedding favors.

Planning a Sustainable WeddingWeddings can be so wasteful and expensive, between flowers, formal attire, decorations, reception food, entertainment and more. There may be a way that is easier on the pocketbook and on the planet. This page discusses planning a sustainable wedding.


An informal potluck wedding table outside.

Having a Potluck WeddingFood at weddings can be quite expensive, especially if you are expecting a large number of guests. Many frugal couples choose to ask their guests to bring a dish to share. This page is about having a potluck wedding.


Newlyweds with hands on a tree.

Saving Money by ElopingWeddings can be incredibly expensive when you total up the gown, ceremony, reception, etc. Eloping can mean a wedding with just the bride and groom or alternatively a very small, unannounced wedding which can greatly reduce the costs, but still be memorable. This is a page about eloping can save you money.


Bride and groom with butterflies on their hands.

Having a Wedding Butterfly ReleaseButterflies can hold special significance to many. Releasing them at a wedding can create a meaningful moment. This is a page about wedding butterfly release.


Close-up of bride and groom holding hands on their wedding day

How to Keep a Wedding Guest List SmallThis is a page about how to keep a wedding guest list small. The bride and groom and their respective families will need to work together to pare down the list. If money is not the absolute reason for the small guest list for the ceremony, then perhaps a second gathering could be planned for other guests to attend.


Table decorated for a wedding

Finding Inexpensive Weddings Supplies?Weddings can add up to a lot of money, especially for the one time decorations and supplies. This is a page about finding inexpensive weddings supplies.


Three small blocks spelling "I Do" next to two rings.

Exchange of Vows Ceremony Ideas?There are so many different ways to exchange marriage vows that go beyond the traditional church wedding. This page contains exchange of vows ceremony ideas.


Woman Saving Money fro Wedding

Wedding Ideas on a BudgetThere are many ways you can have a lovely memorable wedding on a budget. Consider all aspects of the event from clothing to venue and food to find money saving ideas. This is a page about wedding ideas on a budget.


Bride and groom at Wedding

An Indoor Wedding For Less Than $1,500?Planning a wedding on a budget, requires that you research all of the possible ways to save on expenses. If the ceremony and reception are indoors, consider a church hall or civic group facility for the reception. Food, flowers, and entertainment can all be tailored to stay within your budget. This is a page about planning an indoor wedding for less than $1,500.


dried pink rose buds

Drying Flowers for a WeddingBy drying you can save flowers that you have received over the years and use them to strew down the aisle for a wedding. This is a page about drying flowers for a wedding.


A photo of the bride and groom.

Printing Professional Quality Digital Wedding PhotosPrints of the photos from your special day should be the highest quality you can a get. This is a page about printing professional quality digital wedding photos.


Woman Cleansing Her Face

How to Prepare Your Skin for Wedding PhotosOf course, you will want to look your best for your wedding photos. Planning ahead to ensure your skin is clean and moisturized will help your skin have the perfect wedding day glow in the photographs of your special day. This is a page about how to prepare your skin for wedding photos.


wild flower wedding bouquet

Planning a Wedding for $2500?Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. This is a page about planning a wedding for $2500. Your budget will certainly dictate the event, but with some ingenuity even a smaller budget can allow for a memorable day.


A potted heart shaped cactus used for a wedding decoration.

Using Potted Plants as Wedding DecorationsThis is a page about using potted plants as wedding decorations. Rather than using cut flowers as decorations at a wedding, consider potted plants.


Bride and groom figures standing on a smile of coins

Planning a Wedding for Under $5,000This is a page about planning a wedding for under $5,000. Weddings can be quite expensive. Staying within your budget can be a challenge.



Notebook labelled Wedding Budget surrounded by flowers

Planning a Wedding for Under $1000This is a page about planning a wedding for under $1000. Weddings can be very costly. Working with a relatively small budget can be a challenge.


Paper labelled wedding budget with an items column next to a pen and wedding invitation

Planning a Wedding for Under $6000?This is a page about planning a wedding for under $6000. No matter what your wedding budget, careful planning is needed to control costs.


Couple shows off ring with father looking over their shoulders

Telling Your Family About Your Marriage...This is a page about telling your family about your marriage engagement. Telling your family about your engagement can be exciting and sometimes a bit scary.


Bride and Groom.  Groom is wearing a blue bow tie and pink boutonniere

Pink and Blue Wedding Decoration IdeasThis is a page about pink and blue wedding decoration ideas. Making or buying wedding decorations in your wedding colors can be creative and challenging at the same time.


Four women sitting on a couch at an engagement party surrounded by cupcakes, treats and gifts.  One is wearing a gigantic plastic diamond ring

Engagement Party EtiquetteThis is a page about engagement party etiquette. There is accepted proper etiquette that has been defined for the planning and attending of an engagement party.


Planning a Wedding for $1500

Planning a Wedding for Under $1500This is a page about planning a wedding for $1500. Careful planning is necessary to keep wedding costs down.


Saving Money for a Wedding

Saving Money for a WeddingThis is a page about saving money for a wedding. Saving money for your wedding allows you to begin your new life adventure without a lot of debt.


Close-up of large desk calendar with March 13th marked as Wedding with two red hearts and a large pink roses laying on the calendar.

Choosing a Day for Your Wedding?When deciding when to get married, it should be what works best for both of you. This page is about choosing a day for your wedding.


bridal hair do with real flowers

Wedding Flowers for Your Hair?This is a page about wedding flowers for your hair. Real flowers can add an elegant touch to your wedding day hair style.


Piggy banks on top of wedding cake

Wedding Ideas on a BudgetConsider a nice but not formal dress for your wedding party or yourself. Some bridal shops have new dresses from previous seasons at a huge discount.


Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your WeddingThis is a page about planning your wedding. There are many different ways to have a very nice wedding. The decorations, facilities, food, and clothing can all be within your realistic budget.



Planning an ElopementThis is a page about planning an elopement. Planning a wedding can take too much time and money, when a couple wants to make a comittement to each other.


Frugal Wedding Decorations

Inexpensive Wedding DecorationsKeeping the costs down on your decorations can help you have more money for other things. This page is about inexpensive wedding decorations.


fall wedding cake

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas?This page is about Thanksgiving wedding ideas. Having your wedding around a popular holiday may make it a challenge for your guests to attend.


Wedding Photo

Wedding Etiquette Tips?This page is about wedding etiquette tips. Planning your wedding to follow the customary protocol can make for a successful, courteous event.


Country Themed Wedding

Country Themed Wedding IdeasThis is a page about country themed wedding ideas. Choosing a theme for a wedding has become popular recently.


Wedding table with baby's breath in gold mason jars.

Choosing Wedding FlowersThis page is about choosing wedding flowers. Your flowers do not have to be expensive to be beautiful. Shop around and compare prices as well as quality, to find the best deals.


Young woman at her engagement party.

Planning an Engagement PartyThis is a page about planning an engagement party. The engagement party is often the first in a series of events that celebrate your upcoming wedding.


Engagement cake with flowers on it.

Engagement Cake IdeasThis page contains engagement cake ideas. An engagement party is a great time to have a cake.


A groom and bride dancing at a wedding.

Inexpensive Wedding IdeasMany young couples can not or choose not to have an expensive wedding. Planning a wedding on a smaller budget does not mean that your special day will not be beautiful and memorable.


Pouring a Glass of Champagne

Serving Champagne for a Wedding Toast?This is a page about serving champagne for a wedding toast. The serving of champagne as a wedding toast is a tradition still seen at many receptions. Determining how to orchestrate the toast to include the wedding party and guests is an important aspect of your planning process.


Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses: Who Should Pay?This is a page about wedding expenses: who should pay? There are many details to consider when planning a wedding. One of the more important of these is defining who is responsible for paying for the different expenses.


A courthouse gavel and a red rose.

Making a Courthouse Wedding Special?This page is about making a courthouse wedding special. A wedding does not have to be expensive, but you do want it to be memorable.


Couple at a grooms dinner.

Groom's Dinner Ideas?This page contains groom's dinner ideas. A supper held before the wedding is usually the responsibility of the groom's family.


Children in a Wedding

Roles for Children in Weddings?This is a page about roles for children in weddings. It is important to include children in many wedding ceremonies beyond just a flower girl and ring bearer.


3 girls wearing a white dresses.

Dealing With Children at a Wedding Rehearsal DinnerThis is a page about dealing with children at a wedding rehearsal dinner. Keeping children in the wedding party busy can help fight the expected boredom they may experience during a rehearsal dinner.


Table set for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner IdeasThis is a page about wedding rehearsal dinner ideas. Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner can seem overwhelming in conjunction with everything else you are organizing.


Gift Basket Ideas for Wedding Guests

Gift Basket Ideas for Wedding GuestsThis is a page about gift basket ideas for wedding guests. Many couples like to welcome their out of town guests with a thoughtful gift basket.


Engagement ring in a red box.

Buying a Wedding Ring With Bad Credit?This is a page about buying a wedding ring with bad credit. A bad credit history can interfere with many aspects of your life.


Unity wedding candles.

Unity Wedding IdeasThe typical unity wedding ceremony uses symbols, such as a candle, to signify the joining of the two people getting married.


Guitarist playing at a wedding party.

Saving Money on Wedding MusicThis page is about saving money on wedding music. Whether you record your own music list or hire musicians, it doesn't have to cost much as you may think.


Pansies being pressed in a large book

Drying FlowersThis is a page about drying flowers. Save some of those beautiful flowers gracing your garden by drying them.


Halloween bride with purple hair and a painted face.

Planning a Halloween WeddingThis page contains Halloween wedding ideas. Having a wedding around Halloween can be a fun and spooky theme for the event.


Make an Emergency Kit for a Bride

Making a Bride's Emergency KitThis is a page about making a bride's emergency kit. Reduce the stress level on your wedding day with a handy kit loaded with solutions to last minute emergencies.


Wedding programs.

Saving Money on Wedding ProgramsThis is a page about saving money on wedding programs Having a unique and fun design for your wedding programs is very popular but the more involved they are the more expensive they get.


Buying an Engagement Ring, A diamond engagement ring.

Buying an Engagement RingThis is a page about buying an engagement ring. Getting engaged is a big commitment so it is important to get the right engagement ring for the occasion.


Wedding guest book with letter lights spelling LOVE.

Wedding Guest Book IdeasThis page contains wedding guest book ideas. Rather than buying a guest book consider making or decorating one yourself to complement your special day.


Pink peony with coffee and macarons

Coffee and Dessert Wedding Reception IdeasThis is a page about coffee and dessert wedding reception ideas. A coffee and dessert reception works well if your wedding is scheduled around meal times.


Wedding flowers in small buckets hanging off chairs.

Growing Your Own Wedding FlowersThis is a page about growing your own wedding flowers. You can save a lot of money by growing your own flowers for your wedding. It also allows you to select exactly what you want.


Bride and groom adding money into a piggy bank.

Planning a Frugal WeddingThis is a page about planning a frugal wedding. Money is tight for many people and wedding costs can easily get out of hand. There are many ways to keep the costs down and still have a nice wedding.


Kids at a wedding

Ideas for a Kids' Table at a WeddingThis page contains ideas for a kids' table at a wedding. Weddings can be a bit overwhelming for children. Setting up a "kids' table" with activities can help keep them occupied.


Planning a Potluck Wedding Reception, Potluck wedding reception.

Planning a Potluck Wedding ReceptionThis is a page about planning a potluck wedding reception. One way to save money on food for your wedding is to have a potluck wedding reception. Ask guests to bring their favorite dish to share with everyone.


Wedding Table with live herbs in burlap as centerpieces.

Ideas for a "Green" WeddingMany couples are looking for way to have a more "green" wedding. There are many ways to make a wedding more environmentally friendly, from invitations and decorations, to the food that you buy. This page contains ideas for a "green" wedding.


A couple sitting on the beach enjoying their honeymoon.

Saving Money on Your Honeymoon?This is a page about saving money on your honeymoon. The honeymoon is a big part of the money spent for a wedding. Saving money on your honeymoon will help leave money for other expenses.


Bride and Groom Putting Money in Piggy Bank

Creating a Budget for Your WeddingThis is a page about creating a budget for your wedding. Weddings can become really expensive very quickly. Knowing how much you have to spend on your wedding is a very important part of your wedding planning process.


Piggy Bank with a set of wedding rings.

Saving Money on a WeddingThis is a page about saving money on a wedding. Your wedding doesn't have to be a huge investment. There are many ways to have a beautiful wedding and still save money.


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Make Your Own "Perfect" WeddingA lot of wedding professionals tell you that you 'have to' do certain things to make your wedding perfect. Instead, I say that it is all about your priorities. Couples can do anything they want these days.


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Planning a Very Small Wedding?I have a friend who is having a private wedding with only 6 guests. She has asked me to assist her but neither she nor I know where to start planning. We have already chosen a gown to wear.


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Creating a Wedding Supply Check List?I need a whole list of supplies need for a wedding. I feel like I'm forgetting something. Please help.


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Wedding For Under $5000?How can I have a dream wedding for under $5000


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Seating for Wedding Appetizers?We are planning to get married around 6 PM. The reason for the later ceremony is that we do not plan to serve dinner. Instead we will be serving lots of hearty appetizers and of course a proper dessert. I really want to have speeches the traditional way.


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Finding a Reasonably Priced Wedding Venue and Caterer?My fiance and I would love to have a beautiful, elegant, evening wedding on an $8,000 dollar budget. My dress, shoes, and jewelry are already paid for. The bridesmaids' dresses and shoes they will be purchasing themselves.


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Picnic Themed Rehearsal Dinner Ideas?I need some ideas for a fall "picnic" themed rehearsal dinner.


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Selling Wedding Supplies?How can I sell my wedding supplies?


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Reception Ideas for an "At Home" Wedding?Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a nice reception for an at home wedding? We have a small budget and this is a second marriage. Would a BBQ be tacky? We are having a casual ceremony. Any food and decorating suggestions? I am not really creative. Thanks!


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Reinforcing a Wedding Runner?I have a huge question to ask about weddings, mine is 5/9/09. I am having an outdoor wedding at my home and I have bought a wedding runner. But I found out it has no backing and am afraid of high heel shoes going through it.


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Selecting Songs for a Wedding?I need to know if you play another song before the wedding march song for your maids of honor and brides maids to walk down. What song can you use? I don't think they walk down to the wedding March song.


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Calculating Costs for a Large Wedding?I have a nephew, that's getting married next month. His new bride wants a large wedding, with four bride-maids. How much would the wedding cost?


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Planning A Frugal Wedding Quickly?My fiance and I are trying to get married this August. As far as we know we have no financial support coming from our families and we are stuck going at it alone. I'm in college so I do not make much money and he is the only one working full time but we still don't have a lot of extra cash to spare.


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Use Craft Store Email Coupons For Wedding SuppliesSign up for your local craft store's weekly newsletter via email. Stores like AC Moore not only send you the newsletter but also send a weekly coupon. You can use these 40-50% off coupons to purchase your wedding supplies.


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Tips to Avoid Wedding StressMy heart is carefree and singing these days. I can see the color white and not break out in a cold sweat and I can look at the engagement section of the local paper and not have my stomach do a roll.


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Wedding Mints?I want the recipe for those mints you make in molds for weddings, bridal showers or baby showers.


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Planning Weddings on a Budget?I'm looking to get married in about 6 weeks and between me and my fiance there are 7 children. We don't have much money but are looking for ways to have a nice wedding.


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Should I Keep My Last Name?I am 64, my fiance is 65, and we are getting married in November. Would it be financially better (taxes, health issues, etc.) for me to keep my current last name? We have both been married before and have grown married children.


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Prevent Wedding Day Static With Dryer SheetsA tip for the big day! Remember to bring fabric softener sheets along with you to remove animal hair from your clothing, dresses and suits for the wedding party and to also take static cling out of the formal gowns and suits that will be worn.


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Using A Hyphenated Name After Getting MarriedA lady that I recently talked with said she went with hyphenating her maiden name and her married name because she was already known in her area by her maiden name. So when they married, she just added the hyphen and her married name.


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Planning a Simple Wedding?I am wanting a simple wedding. My fiance is wanting to wear blue jeans and a nice dress shirt. He is also wanting to wear cowboy boots and his cowboy hat. Will that look okay with my dress?


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Wedding Plans with ChildrenIf you have children in a wedding, plan a rehearsal dinner children's table! It can be elegantly decorated with the colors of the wedding, for example, use bubble gum scattered around the center of the table instead of marbles.


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Wedding Vendors in San Antonio, Texas?I'm a wedding planner just moved to San Antonio. I need to hear from BRIDES in this area. Who have you used? Photographers, locations, hair, makeup, catering, music? Please let me know about your good experiences with suppliers in this area.


Unity Ceremony With Wine

Use Wine As a Sign of Wedding UnityInstead of a unity candle, my son had a wine ceremony. Carafes of red wine and white wine were poured into an empty carafe, then the mixture was poured into a goblet from which they both drank.


A wedding list for planning a budget.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Budget"'To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part''." These words are often part of a traditional wedding vow. So, what do you do if the 'poorer' is now and you would love 'to have and to hold, from this day forward' but you don't have the cash to do so?


Wedding toiletry basket.

Ladies Toiletry Basket For GuestsThis is a ladies toiletry basket, I made for my daughter's wedding back in September. She was married at Castle in The Clouds in New Hampshire. So, with a castle setting, I chose a brown tin large oval planter in place of a basket. It gave it a more medieval look to it.


Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding

Ideas for Planning a Green WeddingPlanning a green wedding is much like planning a traditional one: exciting, hectic, exhausting, and totally worth it. The real difference comes down to making decisions based on what will cause the least amount of impact on the environment.


A wedding ring being placed on the ring finger.

Say "I Do" to Wedding SavingsMajor life changes require some major planning. Instead of digging out of the financial hole that a wedding leaves in your bank account, prepare to hurdle across it.


A wedding cake decorated in yellow and blue flowers.

Our Frugal Sustainable WeddingMy husband and I had a very fun, silly, and laid back picnic wedding. We had a very short planning period and a small budget. I met my husband while living and working in Vietnam. After moving back to the States, I quickly realized I didn't like living without him. So, I packed my bags and moved back to Vietnam and married him in Vietnam. We started the K-1 Fiancé visa process so that he could immigrate to the United States.


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Inexpensive Wedding Dinner Ideas?Can any suggest cheap ideas for a wedding dinner?


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Keeping a Wedding Guest List Small?My grandson is marrying a sweet, shy young lady from another state who is planning a very small wedding; as a matter of fact her guest list adds up to 15 people. Economic issues and the fact that her family is uncomfortable with large gatherings underlie these plans.


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Choosing Calla Lilies and Roses for Wedding?I will be getting married September 16, 2018 and I was wanting roses and calla lilies for my flowers. Will they they have bloomed in time for it? Or will I have to go with a different flower?


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Ideas for Planning a Wedding on a Budget?I would like some ideas for planning a wedding with the theme, soul food. Please provide thrifty ideas. Thank you.


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Small Coin Envelopes to Use for Rice at Wedding?Instead of making up rice bags with the netting and tying a ribbon around it, I thought maybe we could fill coin envelopes with rice. I plan to put some kind of a decorative sticker on the outside with the bride and groom's name and date or something like that.


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Commitment Ceremony Plans?My boyfriend and I want to have a commitment ceremony, but have very little space to have one, and not much money to have it somewhere else. What should we do?


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