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Keeping the costs down on your decorations can help you have more money for other things. This page is about inexpensive wedding decorations.


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September 14, 2009

I have been "planning" my wedding for years. I have gradually picked up unusual wire frames, planters, silk flowers, and greenery from resale shops when I can find them. The average price being around $0.75 each. I created this piece out of a stiff wire frame, some silk flowers, and greenery. The best part was a lighted ball that I weaved into the "plant" with floral tape, also found at the resale shop. When I get married in November, it will be on the signing table.

By Darla Clemons from Vermilion, OH

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September 25, 2009

I collected different planters, wire frames, silk flowers, and ribbon when planning for my wedding this November. I created this out of a trellis that is planted in a fence. It had the greenery, but a lot was missing.

I spaced the leaves out, added small silk flowers, the ribbon around the fence with trim. Now it will adorn the cake table at my reception. I will mark the bottom with the name of one of the girls who is helping me decorate and clean up afterward. I will be doing this will all the items I make and use in my wedding, as a thank you to those who lent me a helping hand.

This saves me from having to buy something else for them and they get something to remember the event that I made myself. This piece cost roughly $1.75 to make.

By Darla Clemons from Vermilion, OH

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Way back in 2016, I was a sister who had nothing to offer to my "groom to be" brother. They had planned for a themed wedding, but due to budgetary constraints the couple was not able to provide and perform a hundred percent of what they actually wanted to happen. So, here comes the DIY sister offering a big hand of creativity.

If you're curious as to how I made this wedding happen with a limited budget, well, I really applied so much effort to it - that's the greatest secret ever revealed! Almost everyday, since I knew I was gonna play a big role in this wedding, I dedicated all my time and effort to it. The result does not really look as grand as anyone could expect it to be, but at, least I made it possible for them and I was able to contribute to my brother's big day.


Food, dresses, and venue were all fixed. The problem was the decorations, souvenirs, and invitation cards and the money left seemed to be not enough, so that's when they needed me most. I was so concerned about them paying too much for the making of invitation cards and buying ready made souvenirs which are all double priced. So, I told my brother to hand me the budget and I would take care of everything.

I started planning which are the cheapest, but durable materials to use. With the approval of the couple, I bought the chosen tools and created samples to suit their satisfaction. The tarpaulin was designed by me and I went to a friend to have it printed. Next, I bought the wedding favor figurines and decorated them myself. I created the invitation cards with my bare hands and with the help of a niece I was able to make floral crowns as headdresses for the bridesmaids. I bought 3 sets of 24 pink butterflies for the decorations which fit perfectly with the pink flowers and the cherry blossom tree I placed in the venue. From the amount my brother gave me, I was able to return 1/3 of it.

For them to save up the supposed payment for the flower arrangements, I volunteered myself to fix from the bouquet to the decorations. I started it just the day before the wedding day. I was not in the entourage, but I was behind the cameras to make the program possible and draw a big smile for this lovely couple.

My point in sharing my own experience is that there are many ways to make things possible. Money is just money and it can't stop you from doing something you like when you possess a great determination to fulfill your wishes. Plan everything based on your budget and find the best alternative with the thought of saving extras as much as you can.

Here's a glance at my brother's wedding.

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Take out the family glassware and use it to make little table arrangements. We found a whole collection of colored glassware and they helped to make our little flowers on the table charming.

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August 3, 2006

For low cost wedding decorations, visit your local Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has hundreds of decorative items that you can purchase for your wedding for only a dollar or under.


Dollar Tree sells similar items found at retail stores for 75% less. So get moving to Dollar Tree.

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April 3, 2009

Need floral decorations for a wedding? I purchased several planter pots at the end of the summer at clearance prices last year. They look like terra cotta but not as heavy. I will fill them with purple and white (wedding colors) annuals and keep them on my patio and deck.

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August 30, 2007

Make items work double duty. Take personalized candy wrappers and use them as place cards and favors.

Personalized Candy Wrappers

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April 12, 2005

With all of the weddings, proms and anniversary events coming up, don't forget that tulle (in any color) with twinkle lights behind it makes an inexpensive festive decoration that can go a long way!

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August 8, 2006

My husbands aunt is getting married in 2 weeks and has not done any planning for decorations at the reception. I have been given the task. I need some ideas for quick and simple inexpensive decorations in lavendar in green that I can pull this together. We have about 40 tables to do as well as a banister, stage, wedding party table and cake/gift table. We can NOT use balloons of any sort. Thank you for your help!


Heather from Woodburn, IN


By Marilyn (Guest Post)
August 9, 20060 found this helpful

I have been an art teacher for 29 yrs. and have a friend who does weddings.
Go to Hobby Lobby. Buy irredescent confetti in bags, a bag of sand, paper table cloths, and fake greenery.
Sprinkle the confetti down the center of tables covered with white, lavendar or green paper table clothes. Half fill non matching clear wine glasses with sand and place votive candles in the center inside them. Group various sizes at the center of the table...3 in a grouping. Surround the base of the wine glasses with greenery to hide the tape used to tape the base of the wine glasses to the table (cut through the paper to be able to tape them to the table). Finally, sprinkle more confetti on the greenery and add little cards printed with romantic sayings or the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date.


If you need to also do the bridal party table, borrow a couple of candleabras or large glass candlestick holders ,set them wide enough apart for the wedding couple to sit between them, and use more greenery, and confetti along the front of the table.
Simply elegant and inexpensive.

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By Estella (Guest Post)
August 9, 20060 found this helpful

Purple glitter in heart/star shapes is available and cheap. You won't need much. Take a pinch of this and put it down the middle of tables, then a pinch of regular glitter in another color or 'snow' color. Then put your party favors at each place, and that's really pretty.

For party favors, buy some purple and white netting or tulle, and wrap up some kisses or mints. Put a pretty ribbon around the top to keep them together, and on the ribbon thread a heart with the names of bride and groom and the date computer printed on it. Use the same font as the invitations and/or programs.

Get some tiny purple lights and some greenery and white tulle to decorate the bridal table and banister.

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By ditzy46 (Guest Post)
August 9, 20060 found this helpful

Get some pics of the bride and groom as they were growing up...different ages....and most recently while they were dating...Put them on a small table. It was a great hit at my daughter's wedding. They had candy bars with their pictures on the wrapper. They used bubbles which you can buy at Wal-Mart or Michaels. They come like 48 to a box. They were like 9.00 a box. Go to The and How to fire your wedding, the wedding give some great tips and lots of money saving ideas.

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By Gepe (Guest Post)
August 9, 20060 found this helpful

If you have it near you go to a $1.00 store or .99cent store, these places are great for decorations that are cheap!!! Buy the purple or lavender candles already in a clear jar for each table or just the main table.They sell silk flowers too that could be put in a clear vase with the clear marbles for the main table.Another idea,those clear,plastic champagne glasses ,add a tea light and then tie some lavender/purple ribbons around the glass.Set one on each table.The Green Backs Dollar store has favors for weddings that you could use too.Hope this helps :)

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By Lois Funke (Guest Post)
August 10, 20060 found this helpful

After you have your tables covered ,drape a long piece of net lengthwise in the center of the table. Put 3 or 4 empty boxes wrapped in your colors in the center. Stack them so one is on top. Put a wine glasses on top of that one. Place a few wine glasses and a bottle of wine on the table if you are serveing drinks. Glitter can be sprinkled on the table. If you do not want to serve drinks put a few fake flowers in the glasses. Goodwill type stores have lots of different size wine glasses or your dollar store has a choice of plastic ones.

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By Rhona (Guest Post)
August 16, 20060 found this helpful

We found Hydrangea beds around our city and simply went to the doors of the homes and asked if we could prune a few flower heads from their garden for our wedding. 35 flower heads provided enough flowers for a very large reception. One Hydrangea flower head is large enough to make a bridal bouquet with a ribbon tied to it. One Hydrangea flower head set on a plate or mirror in the middle of a table looks simple and elegant. People were more than accommodating. But the time of year has to be right to cut--July to September. Hydrangea stems placed in water as soon as you cut them off the plant will survive for 3-4 days and stay fresh if you change the water daily. We also dried some Hydrangea and placed them in small craft size ziplock bags with dried lavendar, then added a ribbon bow, and a label with a message from the bride and groom that was made on the computer for table favors. To dry Hydrangea, simply place them in a vase without water for about one and a half weeks. Dried Hydrangea petals were also used as confetti. Fresh Hydrangea heads stuffed amongst the fruit appetizer platters, made the table especially pretty. Large Hydrangea bouquets at the altar and one Hydrangea flower head with a ribbon make beautiful pew bows. Hydrangea flower heads stuffed inside a pillar candle holder were elegant head table centerpieces.

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September 1, 20060 found this helpful

You can go to your local dollar store and they have candle holders, doileys, balloons, silk flowers for vases that they also carry. They have plastic silverware, paper cups and yes even the famous bubbles. They do carry tops for the wedding cake. I hope i helped you out. If you go on the webb, you will find many a webb site to make centerpieces, bouquets, buttoniers etc.""

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By Brenda (Guest Post)
March 26, 20080 found this helpful

No offense to all you who suggest the glitter or bagged confetti, but that stuff is an absolute NIGHTMARE to clean up afterwards. As a former employee of an establishment that hosted allot of wedding parties, skip the confetti and glitter. Use the glass globs or acrylic nuggets, or be prepared to tip an extra $100 to the clean up crew. I am planning my wedding and wouldn't dream of using that *&&(*&(.

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May 24, 2011

I am looking into inexpensive decorations for my wedding which is fall themed. I love burgundy and gold, my fiance loves the yellows and oranges. I have been searching for some inexpensive great ideas for chair decorations and table centerpieces that just won't break my bank. Any help on this? Any and all ideas will be welcome. Thank you

By plushkitty32 from NY

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May 3, 2010

How do l get invitation cards, cheap centerpieces, table cloths, balloons, and plates? I really do not mind if they are used. Thank you for the reply.

By carol008 from Cobb, GA


May 3, 20100 found this helpful

Oriental Trading Company has a lot of stuff. WalMart also has some items. But I have a suggestion, if you can't afford a wedding, just go and get married. People used to have weddings without balloons, table centerpieces, other than for the brides table, etc.

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May 3, 20100 found this helpful

We used a print-at-home invitation kit for our wedding. It came with nice embossed card stock, RSVP forms and envelopes, and the result was really pretty. Provided you don't have hundreds of invitations to send out it's easy and inexpensive to do.

Craft, party supply, and discount stores are your best friend for inexpensive wedding decorations, though there's a lot of good bargains on the internet too. We bought some ribbon online with our names and the date printed on it and it was a nice personal touch on the favors. Silk flowers, confetti and some tea lights all make for pretty tables and they are cheap and easy to find. I agree though, celebrating love is ultimately more important than decorations. You can have a beautiful day without spending a lot of money. We did! :)

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September 10, 2009

My fiance and I are getting married in May 2010 and we are having a western wedding with royal blue and silver as our colors. We will be getting married on our acreage, with our reception there too. I am looking for easy, cheap, do-it-yourself decorations. We will be renting a tent and people will be sitting around big round tables.

We will be serving pulled pork and beef sandwiches with baked beans, potato salad, etc. The wedding will be early evening about 6ish. It will be a relatively formal wedding with me in the typical big ivory dress and my girls in formal gowns and the men will be in tuxes. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

By Jamie from Adams, NE


September 11, 20090 found this helpful

#1 Change clothes before the reception. You don't want bbq sauce on your dress.
#2 Check on-line party stores if you don't have one have time enough now that you might be able to pick up good silver decorations (not themed) that are sold for New Year's Eve. With that menu you can do silver and Spring flowers on tables and blue and silver on walls. People will be looking at you and visiting, not so much looking at the decorations, so don't overdo it...a couple hours and it's over.

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September 12, 20090 found this helpful

We used tulle and cut into round shape and place birdseed in it and gathered the tulle up and used a ribbon to tie it up. Then we hot glued a mini black cowboy hat to ribbons it was a big hit you can also find many uses for those little mini
cowboy hats you can find in craft stores. Michael's Hobby Lobby and others. Also one couple I know went to ceramic place and spent a few nights painting ceramic cowboy boots, hats and other western things then had them fired/kiln and
they saved LOTS doing the center pieces look at cheap cowboy toys too for center pieces you will find ideas just looking at C&W stores. Good luck

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September 12, 20090 found this helpful

You could get some hay bails and some tall grasses as decorations near your ceremony spot and framing the tent. For centerpiece you can use boots from thrift stores or party hats and place flowers or candies in them. I would suggest not bothering with any favors due to the expense, but if you want to, you could give away bookmarks that are made out of tassels.

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September 13, 20090 found this helpful

Royal blue bandannas would be an inexpensive and Western themed way to pick up your colors. You could use them as napkins for your reception BBQ, underneath mason jars with flowers or dried wheat inside on your tables, or you could even string a line of rope along the top edges of your tent and use wooden clothespins to pin the bandannas on for a flag effect. Look online to buy these in bulk.

For your silver accents, consider using small galvanized pails with sand and a candle inside to light your walkways, or these would even be an adorable centerpiece on your tables with a raffia bow on the handle and a bandanna spread underneath. Other thrifty ways to include silver would be spray painted horseshoes or rocks, or small pictures of you and your fiance in dollar store silver frames on the table.

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October 31, 2014

Please I am planning for my wedding and am so confused. I am thinking of doing my wedding outdoors or renting a hall. I want a wonderful decoration for either. My colours are orange, olive green, royal blue, and red. Please advise me on what to do.

By Zinny from Nigeria abv

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I am getting Married in September 2005 and it is a afternoon wedding. We have opted to pay for it ourselves and my colors are wine and champagne the accent color is gold. I want to use roses as my flower and candles for my centerpieces for the reception. Do you have any suggestions on how to make something elegant but cheap?


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August 18, 2005

This is the decoration inside the front door of our church. We liked it so well that we decided not to change it for my daughter's wedding. Not the same colors but it still looked so nice!



By Robin

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October 31, 2016

This is a page about using potted plants as wedding decorations. Rather than using cut flowers as decorations at a wedding, consider potted plants.

A potted heart shaped cactus used for a wedding decoration.

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November 2, 2010

I am getting Married in September 2005 and it is a afternoon wedding. We have opted to pay for it ourselves and my colors are WINE & CHAMPAGNE the accent color is Gold. I want to use Roses as my flower and candles for my centerpieces for the reception.

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