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Homemade crafts and wedding decorations add a personal touch to a wedding and can also save you money.

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Wedding Reception

Covering Up Hall Decorations for a Wedding ReceptionFrequently certain venues used for a wedding reception have other purposes and are decorated for those daily functions. This is a page about covering up hall decorations for a wedding reception.


Wedding Chair Covers in white with pink bows.

Wedding Chair Cover IdeasThis page contains wedding chair cover ideas.Beautiful decorations for a wedding can include covering the chairs.


Close up of a bouquet of white flowers.

Making a Bridal BouquetThis is a page about making a bridal bouquet. Making your own bridal bouquet makes this wedding tradition even more special and unique.


A barn decorated for a wedding reception.

Decorating a Barn for a Wedding ReceptionThis is a page about decorating a barn for a wedding reception. With the right decorations an old barn can become a unique and charming venue for your wedding reception.


Church Decorated for Wedding

Decorating a Church for a WeddingThis is a page about decorating a church for a wedding. Decorating for a church wedding on a budget? It can be quite simple to have an elegant and inexpensive church wedding regardless of whether the ceremony is to be held in a small simple church or a larger grand one.


Fingerprint Guest Book Picture - tree covered with prints

Fingerprint Guest Book PictureThis easy project is a wonderful wedding reception memory. Instead of signing a guest book, guests are invited to make their thumbprint on a picture of a tree.



Plant wedding favors.

Giving Plants as Wedding FavorsThis is a page about giving plants as wedding favors. One way for your guests to remember your wedding for many years to come is to give them a plant as a wedding favor.


Fabric draped in a gazebo for a wedding.

Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a WeddingUsing the interesting shape of a gazebo you can hang fabric to create a personalized structure for your wedding ceremony. This is a page about draping fabric in a gazebo for a wedding.


Bride and Groom Wedding Chair Signs - bride sign on a chair

Bride and Groom Wedding Chair SignsThis pretty signs can be displayed on the bride and groom's chairs or the doors of the changing rooms at your venue. Learn how to make them in the craft project found on this page.


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Curtains for Inexpensive Table DressingTo save money on your table dressings, instead of tablecloths, use curtains. Lace curtains can be from 44-88 inches long and are a lot cheaper than table cloths. Place over white plastic table liners, which you purchase by the rolls at party stores. You can even use white plastic shower curtains, which can be cut to double the length of use. You can save a lot of money.


Decorated chairs at a wedding.

Decorating Chairs for a WeddingOften the chairs available at the wedding venue of your choice are plain, sometimes unattractive folding metal ones. This page contains tips for decorating them.


Bride and Groom Clothespin Decor - ready for the big kiss

Making a Bride and Groom Clothespin DecorMake these cute wedding favors or name card holders. Using spring clip wooden clothespins, paint, markers, and a few other simple supplies you too can add this handmade bit of decor to your wedding.


Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu Holder - finished holder

Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu HolderThese table number and menu holders were made inexpensively, using IKEA frames that can display photos or other inclusions on both sides. Decorate as desired and set them out for your reception dinner.


A collection of picture frames at a wedding reception.

Using Picture Frames to Decorate at a WeddingPicture frames can be used to decorate at a wedding. Choose colors and styles to complement your theme. Insert menus and other information for a nice touch on the guestbook or gift table or seating tables at the reception.


An inexpensive candle that has been decorated with wrapping paper and gems.

Giving Dollar Store Candles A Wedding UpgradeUse wrapping paper, ribbon, and other embellishments to upgrade Dollar Store pillar candles in a jar. Use them for weddings and other events on guest tables or anywhere you need a bit of lovely luminous decor.


A gift box wedding table display.

Making a Gift Box Wedding Table DisplayBeautifully wrapped empty gift boxes can be used as lovely displays for a wedding. Place them on the guest tables or on the gift table itself. This same decor idea will work for other events.


Wedding Countdown Frame - 9 days flag on display

Making a Wedding Countdown FrameA cute framed reminder to add to your decor is a wedding countdown frame. Easy to make with materials you most likely already have.


Using Mirrors For Your Wedding Table

Using Mirrors For Your Wedding TableUse mirrors under the decorations on your table for a wedding reception or a dinner party. They can lend an extra layer of beauty to a candlelit affair.


Succulent Jar Centerpiece - finished jar, filled with white rocks, rosette type succulents in different colors, and tied with a white and green patterned ribbon

Making a Succulent CenterpieceRecycled food jars, decorative rocks, TP tubes, soil, and succulent cuttings are the main items needed to make living centerpieces for a wedding.


DIY Folded Name Place Cards

DIY Folded Name Place CardsLearn how to make original, handcrafted folded placecards. They are perfect for a wedding reception, party, or other get together with assigned table seating.


Finished kraft paper card with bridal dress

Making a Wedding Dress Greeting CardThis fun wedding dress greeting card was designed using paper doilies and ribbon roses attached to a kraft paper backing. The instructions, supplies, and photos needed to make some yourself can be found on this page.



A homemade wedding cake topper.

Homemade Wedding Cake Topper IdeasCreating your own wedding cake topper is not only fun, it is a way to show your creativity or say something about yourself on this special day. This page offers some ideas about homemade wedding cake toppers.


Wedding Reception Table Topper

Wedding Reception Table TopperWeddings can be very expensive. One place you can, not only save money but also, exhibit your creativity and personal taste is by making your own table toppers for the reception. This page contains steps and photos you will need to make a table topper or get ideas for your own version.


Bridal Dress Flower Vases

How to Make Bridal Dress Flower VasesIf you are looking to make a fun table decoration for either a bridal shower or the wedding reception try these cute bridal dress flower vases. They are inexpensive and simple to make.


DIY Jar Lamp Wedding Souvenir - attach a ribbon crown to the top

DIY Jar Lamp Wedding SouvenirYou can make jar lamp wedding souvenirs for your own wedding or for a friend or relative. This DIY project is personalized and will save you money on wedding favors.


Wedding Reception table with a floral arrangement in the middle.

Having a Wedding Reception Without CandlesIf candles are not an option at your wedding venue, consider solar lights, mini string lights, or battery operated ones. This is a page about having a wedding reception without candles.


Wedding table center piece in rustic style

Decorating for Your Wedding with Natural MaterialsUsing wild flowers and branches, etc. to decorate for a wedding can not only save you money, but can also bring nature inside for the occasion. This is a page about decorating for your wedding with natural materials.


A wedding at a church.

Decorating a Cross for a WeddingA cross is a common decoration in churches where you may be holding a wedding ceremony. Decorating a cross for a wedding is a beautiful way to help celebrate the marriage of two individuals.


Tulle and lights decorating a wedding.

Using Tulle and Lights for Wedding DecorThe combination of tulle and strings of lights can be used as elegant wedding decorations. This is a page about using tulle and lights for wedding decor.


Mother's Day Table Decoration - LED battery lights added to inside of the film cylinder

Lighted Stenciled Rose Table DecorationThis pretty lighted table decoration is perfect for many occasions such as Mother's Day, and anniversary, or even a quiet dinner for two. This is a page about lighted stenciled rose table decoration.


finished topper

Ribbon Wedding Cake TopperThis pretty cake topper is fun, easy, and inexpensive to make. This is a page about ribbon wedding cake topper.


June Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

June Wedding Centerpieces IdeasThis is a page about June wedding centerpiece ideas. June is a traditional month for weddings. There are many lovely ways to create centerpieces for you early summer wedding celebration.


Hockey Themed Wedding Ideas

Hockey Themed Wedding IdeasThis is a page about hockey themed wedding ideas. Planning a themed wedding allows you to personalize this special event even more.


Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Wall DecorationsThis is a page about wedding reception wall decorations. When renting a hall you want to add your wedding colors to the decor. Decorating the walls may add to the festivities.


Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Flower Wedding CenterpiecesThis is a page about silk flower wedding centerpieces. Beautiful wedding centerpieces can be crafted using silk rather than fresh flowers.


Summer Themed Flower Centerpiece

Summer Themed CenterpiecesThis is a page about summer themed centerpieces. Making centerpieces for parties and banquets with a specific theme allows you to let the creativity flow. It can also sometimes leave you stumped as to how to convey the theme.



Brown bows on the backs of wedding chairs.

Brown Wedding Decoration IdeasThis page contains brown wedding decoration ideas. An unusual brown wedding theme gives you chocolate to incorporate in your decorating.


Wedding Reception

Decorating a Wedding ReceptionThis is a page about decorating a wedding reception. Next to the ceremony itself, the wedding reception is the next most important event of the day. Decorating the space used for this post-ceremony celebration is an important part of the planning process.


Bouquet of flowers, white and green.

Saving Money on Wedding FlowersThis is a page about saving money on wedding flowers. One of the noticeable expenses for a wedding can be the flowers.


Wedding Pen Holder

Wedding Pen Holder IdeasThis is a page about wedding pen holder ideas. When planning a wedding the bride often wants to have a memorable wedding book display area that fits in with the overall theme.


Babysbreath flowers in a fishbowl vase surrounded by pinecones on a round of wood.

Wedding Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about wedding centerpiece ideas. If you are planning and decorating for your wedding, one of the important decisions will be creating the table centerpieces.


Centerpiece of Flowers in a watering can on rounds of wood

Saving Money on Wedding CenterpiecesThis page is about saving money on wedding centerpieces. When planning a wedding there are many ways you can reduce the costs.


Wedding table with candles in tall glass cups.

Saving Money on Wedding CandlesThis is a page about saving money on wedding candles. Candles are a lovely addition to your wedding decorations or may be used as part of the ceremony.


White fake cake of boxes and bows

Faux Wedding Cake IdeasThis page contains faux wedding cake ideas. Faux cakes make great displays or partial substitutes for the real thing.


Colorful Bridal Bouquets

Choosing Wedding ColorsThis is a page about choosing wedding colors. Many bride's have a favorite color that they would like to use for their wedding. Choosing your wedding colors makes it easier to shop for almost every aspect of the wedding.


Candle centerpiece at a wedding.

Wedding Candle Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about wedding candle centerpiece ideas. Candle centerpieces provide a romantic atmosphere, especially for an evening wedding reception.


Bouquet of sunflowers.

Making a Sunflower Wedding BouquetThis is a page about making a sunflower wedding bouquet. Sunflowers are a beautiful choice for making a wedding bouquet.


Finished kraft paper card with bridal dress

Wedding Dress Greeting CardThis is a cute wedding dress greeting card made with simple supplies - paper doilies, kraft paper, glue, and ribbon roses. This concept could also be used as a bridal shower invitation card.


Wedding Reception Table Topper - finished project

Wedding Reception Table TopperI made these table toppers for a wedding reception. My thrifty idea was to make them as inexpensive as possible as well as to make the table toppers recyclable for the the bride and groom as they begin newlywed life.


Succulent Wedding Centerpiece - centerpiece on venue table

Succulent Wedding CenterpieceWedding centerpieces are very expensive, especially if you want to have flowers or living plants.


Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu Holder - finished holder

Inexpensive Wedding Table Number/Menu HolderIf you have an IKEA nearby, I highly recommend TOLSBY frame for 2 pictures - it is only $1.00 and is perfect to use for wedding table number and menus!


DIY Folded Name Place Cards

DIY Folded Name Place CardsWith just a few simple and inexpensive supplies (which you may even already have at home), you can make this project! This method will save you a lot of money versus ordering custom place cards plus you will have paper/paint left over for other projects!


Bride and Groom Wedding Chair Signs - ready to hang

Bride and Groom Wedding Chair SignsThese bride & groom signs are perfect to display on your wedding chairs or to display on your get ready for wedding room door knobs. This is an inexpensive project to make and you will have lots of supplies left over for future projects.


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A bride wearing a floral crown.

Bridal Floral CrownBuying a floral crown for the bride and for the entourage can be so frustrating as prices differ as to the beauty and the quality. More or less, it's from $7-$20 but mine is just below $2.


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Using Tea Candles on TablesTo make your use of tea candles on your tables sparkle, inside of the clear bowl you are using, pour table salt about a third of the way from the bottom. Place your tea light candle in and squish it around so that most of it is covered by the salt.


Two white frames being used at a wedding without glass.

Remove Glass from Picture FramesIf you are using picture frames for wedding decor, I would recommend removing the glass insert. During transporting, the glass could break. Also, when taking photos of picture frames, there will be a reflection


An inexpensive candle that has been decorated with wrapping paper and gems.

Giving Dollar Store Candles A Wedding UpgradeThe Dollar store has these lovely 8 inch tall candles that are perfect as a centerpiece for guest tables, vignette display, etc. They come in clear glass bottles that I will customize. You can take this look from bridal look to all occasion look with $1 candles and wrapping paper of your choice, giving your guest table a more upscale look.


Succulent Jar Centerpiece - hand holding finished jar

Succulent Jar CenterpieceAt my wedding venue, there will be a couple of tall, small round bar tables outside. Since the tables are on the smaller side - I need the centerpiece to be smaller and sturdy. Here is what I came up with.


A gift box wedding table display.

Gift Box Wedding Table DisplayThis is a creative way to stretch those wedding dollars! Right now is the best time to get gift boxes. You can get them in multi packs and at reasonable prices. And let's not forget after the holidays, you can get the boxes for near to nothing. By using beautiful wrap and ribbon, you can make smaller boxes as guest table placements and use the tiered boxes for the gift table, or simply as wedding decor throughout the venue. You can give a festive look for very little money. This display can also be made for every holiday beyond your wedding event!


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Decorating a Barn for a Wedding ReceptionI'm planning the decorating of a large metal barn for a May wedding for my granddaughter. (We live in OK). I want to use cheesecloth to drape off a 20'x40' section for the reception for eating and dancing for approx 60 guests.


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Creating a Gauze Wedding TentWe are holding a wedding in our backyard in June in N. California. We would like to create a tent like effect with gauze like fabric. Has anyone ever tried cheesecloth for a gauze like curtain treatment for something like this. If so, how did it work?


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Wedding Centerpiece With a Live FishI want to put a real fish in a bowl with a floating candle. Would it be OK?


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Ideas for Covering Church Carpet During WeddingMy daughter wants to get married in our church, but hates the carpet. Are there any ideas to cheaply cover the carpet? It would be not only the aisle, but also at the altar area.


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Decorating for a Wedding ReceptionWho is responsible for decorating the reception area? If it's me, how do I do it?My daughter is getting married 450 miles away from home.


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Making Wedding Centerpieces Using Artificial FlowersWe are using vases with artificial flowers for a wedding. What would work in the vases, as we won't need water, so the stems won't be so visible?


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